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Not Quite How They Said It

‘Not Quite How They Said IT’ it is a 100 page book of great quotations by famous people put to verse (Hence not quite how they said it). The meaning, message or moral is there but the words have been fashioned to feature a more flowing format. The price of the book is £5.00 plus £1.50 postage and packaging. Payment will be requested when you receive the book. Email your order to

Examples of the quotations –

Ask who wears the trousers
And I'll say, "I do
And my wife insists that I
Wash and iron them too."

Denis Thatcher

Middle age is obvious
It is not a riddle
It is when the signs of age
Show around your middle

Bob Hope

Kind words can be simple
And so quick to say
But their echoes can be heard
Many miles away

Mother Theresa

Life seen in a close up
Is a tragedy
Life seen in a long shot
Is a comedy

Charlie Chaplin

If you have opinions
Do not sit and mumble
And, no matter where you are,
Do not call them humble

Joan Baez

Happiness is home grown
It's when you can say
I've a loving family
Living miles away

George Burns

Life is ten percent
Based on how you make it
With the great remainder
Based on how you take it

Irving Berlin

They say money talks
Can you tell me why
When it talks to me
It just says 'Goodbye'

Cary Grant

Funny but I'm famous
Known in every house
For the simple concept
Of a cartoon mouse

Walt Disney

Live by an eye for an eye
And one day we'll find
That the world has gradually
Turned completely blind

Mohandas K Gandhi

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