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The History Of Britain Rewritten

The History of Britain Rewritten is a colourful 263 page book packed with historical data rewritten into poetry (3,682 verses!). The book includes all main events and characters from 55BC to 1914.

The book is a collection of snippets of information in an easy to read format. It is suitable for all ages, great for anybody interested in history, perfect for quiz lovers, ideal as a learning tool and a fantastic idea for a present.

The aim of the book is to improve the recollection of dates by including them in the relative rhyme. Many books written about periods of history are packed with paragraphs that add weight but do not aid the memory.

This book contains the facts. No long-winded explanation, fancy description or imaginative exaggeration. Just the facts.

The price of a book is just £10 plus £1.50 postage and packaging. Payment will be requested when you receive the book. Email your order to

Extract from book below
Sep 2-6
Great fire 1666
Houses made of wood not bricks,

Caught alight so easily.
It was in a bakery

That the fire released its power,
(Pudding Lane, quite near the Tower).

King Charles did not keep his distance,
He advised and gave assistance.

By the firemen he directed,
He became so well respected.

In September for four days,
London's skyline was ablaze.

Then some houses were destroyed
To create a gap, a void

That the great fire could not cross.
London counted up its loss.

Many buildings disappeared,
And, though most of London feared,

Many people would be fried,
Just a handful of them died.

Filthy alleys, habitats,
Of the flies and flees and rats,

Also were destroyed, which meant,
That the killer plague then went.
Great Fire Of London

(13,200 houses, St Pauls cathedral, 89 parish churches, the Royal Exchange, Customs House etc.)

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