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Everyname poems

An ‘Everyname poem’ is the perfect present for the new-born, birthday, anniversary etc. For your friend, relation or a work colleague.

A three verse poem containing the meaning of any first name sent by email for you to print, frame or laminate, include in a card, forward by email etc.

Pre-written poems about the meaning of every name are priced at £2.00. For a personal, original poem please send details of features, characteristics, employment, hobbies etc. The price of a unique personal poem is £9.00. Payment will be requested when you receive (and are happy with) your poem. Email your requirements to

Young girl and boy examples below


Freya means ‘noble Goddess’
An ancient name from Norse
She will steer her selfless ship
On a beautiful course

The first Freya was beautiful
The Norse Goddess of love
When compassion loses power
She’ll give it a shove

When a helpful deed needs doing
She will go and do it
She will paint a prettier World
Just by brushing through it


Benedict is Latin
It means ‘blessed one’
In the fast lane of good fortune
He will surely run

From the lake of friendship
He’ll land many fish
He will hope for many things
And will get his wish

Carefully he’ll calmly comb
Through the strands of stress
Showing others where to find
Hope and happiness

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