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A Poetry Book for Teachers is a 170 page paperback packed with poems for children of primary school age. The poems in the book are used in many primary schools for assemblies, classroom or one to one reading.

The poems are grouped into the following sections – Animals, Appreciating things, Attitudes, Boasting, Bullying, Christmas, Concern for others, Discussion poems, Educational poems, Experiences, Friends, Harvest festival, Jealousy, Laziness, Litter, Names, New Year, School, Selfishness, Silly poems, Smoking, Sportsmanship, Strangers, Teeth, Unexpected endings, Vandalism, Weather, Wishes, Witches

It’s not just for teachers! Many parents have bought copies of the book. Many of the poems make great bed time reading.

The price of a book is £3.99 plus £1 postage and packaging (UK). Payment will be requested when you receive the book. Email your order to

Here are two examples from the book


Oliver twisted his ankle
He could not go to school
He could not walk, he could not run
He could not pay football

He had to wait for it to mend
It seemed to take so long
Lots of rest they said was best
For making his leg strong

He sat there with his leg up
He watched TV all day
He felt so miserable to hear
Others out at play

He watched them playing football
And so wanted to kick
His leg was getting better
He had a walking stick

At last his leg had mended
Oliver could run
He’d never felt so happy
Life was full of fun

When he sees a boy or girl
In a chair with wheels
Oliver says, “Hello.” to them
For he knows how it feels


Carly the caterpillar crawled along
Singing a slow but happy song

She didn’t complain, she didn’t groan
It started to rain but she didn’t moan

Quite a content little creature was she
Singing, “I’m glad I am me not a flea

Beetles and spiders make people squirm
So does a maggot, a slug and a worm

I cannot run and I cannot fly
But others are far worse off than I”

The God of all animals heard the song
That Carly sang as she crawled along

He said, “Your song is sweet and wise
You can be one of my butterflies

Those who wish for better things
Do not deserve a pair of wings”

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