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This is the second book in the series and contains 162 pages packed with poems for children of primary school age. Similar to ‘A Poetry Book for Teachers’ many of the poems contain common names. In most cases, the names can be substituted with the name of any child in your class (or your child if you are a parent).

The poems in this book are grouped in the following sections – Attitudes, Christmas, Clothes, Concern for others, Discussion poems, Educational poems, Fireworks, Friends, Honesty, Misbehaviour, Mothers, Names, School, Sea/seaside, Silly poems, Sound, Space, Sportsmanship, Twins, Weather

The price of a book is £3.99 plus £1 postage and packaging (UK). Payment will be requested when you receive the book. Email your order to

Here is a poem featured in the book. Change the names to the pupils in your class and listen to the laughter!

The School Outing

Mrs. Stokes took Green Class on an outing to the zoo
I’ll tell you all the naughty things the children got up to

While Paul was watching the penguins waddling down the path
He leaned too far and fell right in and then he had a bath

When Matthew fed the monkeys with nuts and bit of bread
A monkey stole his bobble-hat and put it on his head

When Chloe road a camel it went over a bump
She fell and landed in some mud. She really got the hump

When Helen posed for a picture in front of a giraffe
It bent down low and licked her face and everyone did laugh

Ashley tried to imitate a snake by going ‘Hiss’
It sounded so much like it the snake gave him a kiss

When Lara patted the panda there was a thunder clap
The panda was frightened of thunder. It jumped on Lara’s lap

Hailey was in the hot house watching butterflies
A big one landed on her nose. That was a surprise

Jimmy sat in the bird house eating crisps from a packet
A parrot on his shoulder did a whoopsy down his jacket

Mrs. Stokes had had enough; she went bright red with rage
She ranted, raved and gave a roar – they put her in a cage

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