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About Me

Preston’s Poetry is non-profit making with no salaried personnel. All proceeds go to promoting poetry for education and children’s charities.

My name is John Preston. For more than forty years I have worked in the London Insurance and Reinsurance Market. One of my hobbies is writing poetry. When our first child reached the age of five I began writing poems to help him with his school work. This progressed into writing humorous or moral poems for his school friends and children of work colleagues. In 1995 I published ‘A Poetry Book for Teachers’ which has been and is still used by many primary school teachers during assemblies or lessons. 1997 saw the publication of ‘Another Poetry Book for Teachers’.

In 2007 ‘The History of Britain Rewritten’ was published followed by ‘The verse management advice ever’ in 2009 and ‘Not quite how they said it’ in 2010.

All enquiries should be made to

History Of Britain Rewritten

The History of Britain Rewritten is a colourful 263 page book packed with historical data rewritten into poetry (3,682 verses!). The book includes all main events and characters from 55BC to 1914.

A Poetry Book for Teachers

A Poetry Book for Teachers is a 170 page paperback packed with poems for children of primary school age. The poems in the book are used in many primary schools for assemblies, classroom or one to one reading.

Another Poetry Book for Teachers

This is the second book in the series and contains 162 pages packed with poems for children of primary school age. Similar to ‘A Poetry Book for Teachers’ many of the poems contain common names.

Not Quite How They Said It

‘Not Quite How They Said IT’ it is a 100 page book of great quotations by famous people put to verse. Some are humorous, some serious, some controversial. Examples can be found by clicking here ‘NOT QUITE HOW THEY SAID IT’

Assembly or Classroom Poems

Many of the poems I have written have been at the request of primary school teachers who were preparing for an assembly or a classroom subject. I would welcome requests for poems on any topic from any teacher anywhere. I need the challenge! This is a free service. Email

Latest Book - The Verse Management Advice Ever

‘The Verse Management Advice Ever’ is 90 pages of management advice in verse and prose. The advice is on managing teams, personnel, budgets, projects, speeches, training, time etc. The book costs only £5 plus £1.50 postage and packaging and all proceeds go to ‘The Newmans Trust.’
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